Dian Fossey Tomb Trail

Dian Fossey was an America primatologist who took up a broad study and keen interest in studying and protecting mountain gorillas in Rwanda for a period of 18 years but was unfortunately murdered by gorilla poachers.

Dian Fossey while doing her research set up a Karisoke Research camp between Mt. Visoke and Mt. Karisimbi in the Volcanoes national park. This is where the Karisoke name was derived basing on the two volcanoes.

The mountain gorillas survive thanks to Dian Fossey, a researcher who was buried at her research center alongside these mountain gorillas to which she dedicated her life.

The trail leading to her tomb and Karisoke Research Centre is a beautiful yet challenging 1 hour 45-minute hike up steep slopes where orchids, bird life and even occasional mountain gorillas can be seen.