4×4 Rooftop Tent Car Rental & Camping Gears

Rooftop tent car rental

4×4 rooftop tent car rental in Uganda and the whole of East Africa is a newly embraced service which gives you full control of your trip. This kind of service has real changed the way tourists sleep while on safari. Here they move with their beds on top of the rental cars and this gives them the opportunity to sleep any where as long as there is security.

Get suitable vehicles for rooftop tents that include Land cruiser Prados, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser GX/ VX and Land cruiser LX among others. These rooftop tents come in 2 types that include the heavy tentco tents and the light ones. On a Prado TX, Tentco tents are suitable in single tent camping.

The Rooftop Tents are of a high-quality suitable for the unpredictable weather changes. The Tentco type of tents is used on this option as they are properly ventilated, insulated, and protected from the elements of harsh climatic conditions. They are also spacious enough to accommodate 2 people comfortably.

Camp under the stars as you prepare your own meals on an open fire, whilst enjoying the many diverse activities that the Pearl of Africa has to offer. Single rooftop camping is a great option for solo travellers or couple who prefer a more mobile and convenient camping experience.

The vehicles for single and double rooftop camping are suitable for all weather, be ensured of their extra 4wd options purely on point. Make use of the Land cruisers, from the Prado TX to the bigger Land cruiser V8s and the harder Land cruiser LX. They have a sturdy roof rack capable of supporting the weight of the tents.

Rooftop tents offer a faster setup compared to traditional ground tents, making them a popular choice for those who frequently move campsites.

With double rooftop camping, two rooftop tents are installed side by side on the roof of the vehicle. This setup allows two separate sleeping spaces, providing privacy and convenience for the campers.

You have to ensure that the vehicle’s roof rack or roof bars are capable of supporting the weight of two tents that’s why we are sometimes sceptical on the choice of the Cars that our clients may wish to use.

The cars available for this option are well tested for their off-road capabilities and suitability for camping and outdoor adventures since camping often involves venturing into remote areas and challenging terrains.

Examine the roof load capacity, since double rooftop camping involves mounting two rooftop tents on the vehicle, it’s important to ensure that the car’s roof load capacity can handle the weight of both tents. This is the main reason why we always do not recommend renting a Land cruiser Prado with double rooftop tents at hand. With this vehicle type, use lighter tents to reduce the pressure exerted to the vehicle.

Consider the interior Space of the vehicle since double rooftop camping primarily involves sleeping on the roof, interior space is still important for storing camping gear, supplies, and personal belongings. Vehicles like Land cruiser V8s, GX and VX all have a bigger trunk space and seating capacity compared to the Prado ensuring accommodation of all the camping equipment.

Family rooftop tents are the largest type of rooftop tent available. These offer enough space to accommodate several people comfortably. We have a 3 sleeper and 4 sleeper rooftop tents but they are very limited in quantity. Family tents are ideal for larger families or groups of friends traveling together.

It is important to choose a vehicle that can safely support the weight of the rooftop tent, the number of tents needed and provide adequate space for camping equipment and supplies. First of all, these should be 4×4 vehicles since they are popular for off-road adventures in Uganda. 4×4 vehicles are designed to handle rough terrain and can safely support the weight of a rooftop tent.

Apart from the spare tire and other emergency tools such as a jerk and spanner, axe and spades etc. the camping vehicles are equipped with other camping equipment that include the following;

Bedding: We ensure you have a comfortable sleeping setup. We provide 2 sleeping bags or blankets, 2 pillows, a mattress pad or sleeping mat in the tent and 2 bed sheets.

Lighting lamp or torch to provide illumination at night in and outside the tent when camping in areas with limited or no electricity.

Cooking Equipment: We always assume you have to cook some meals on your own. We include a cooking gas stove and cooking utensils such as pots, pans, and utensils. These are accompanied by serving utensils including plates, bowls, cups, chopping boards and cutlery.

A 10-litre Jerry can for Water Storage, a storage box for your non-perishable food items such as canned goods, dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, and other easy-to-prepare camping meals.

At an extra of $5, we can add an electronic fridge if you’re carrying perishable food items or beverages.

Enjoy the lightweight folding chairs and a portable camping table for comfortable dining and relaxation at your campsite after the day.


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